Can’t be a gamer without something to game on…

My gaming computer

I am a gamer at heart, and I am older than some of you who are reading this post. I love both tabletop roleplaying games, and video games. I have a PS4 to play games on console (probably won’t get the PS5 or the new XBox until they decide to drop the price a little), but I don’t have a dedicated computer to play computer based games. I have a laptop, and while it has enough RAM(memory) to play some games out there, It doesn’t have the graphics capability to run the high end games that are coming out. I can’t call myself a true gamer until I get something to play computer games on.

Meet Lola…my new computer. Over the last several months, I have been buying parts to build my gaming computer. then just this past week, a friend of mine and myself took time and put it together. I consulted with two of my friends, SENEX Gaming and Nickology on the parts list, and with the help of SENEX Gaming (here is his Facebook page, check him out for his gaming livestreams sometime). we put this computer together and I am up and running. So far it has performed beyond my expectations. The games I have started to play on her, run amazingly fast and the load times are minuscule. I do have some games that are coming out on the PC that I want to try out. I can’t wait!

For those of you that are wondering what parts I purchased for the build, here is a parts list:

  • MSI GeoForce GTX 1660 graphics card
  • Pioneer 3D NAND Internal 1TB SSD
  • OLOy DDR4 32GB RAM (2 16GB chips)
  • COOLER MASTER MPY-7501 750W Power Supply
  • AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8 core, 16 thread CPU with WRAITH Prism Cooler
  • GIGABYTE B450 AORUS M AM4 Micro ATX Motherboard
  • Thermaltake Versa H18 Black Tempered glass Micro ATX Case
  • SCEPTRE 24 inch gaming monitor with speakers.

My last two things that I need to get are a video camera and microphone. I have them priced on Amazon right now, I just have to save up the money to pick them up.

Some of you out there may look at this and wonder shy i did it. You may even say that it’s a waste of money. Well I don’t see it that way. I have some projects that I want to start on as well as doing some gaming online. With this build I can accomplish these things, so the investment was worth it in my opinion. I do know that my detractors will be those that don’t understand my passions and my likes. It was this way all through junior and senior high school. Especially growing up in a small town like I did in Roxboro, NC. If you didn’t like cars, Friday night football, driving up and down the boulevard on a Friday and Saturday night, then you were strange and weird and pretty much an outcast. I did all these things because I wanted to fit in. Nobody I knew in high school liked any of the things I did. I had to keep them hidden and secret. There were times that I felt ashamed of what I liked. Well no more, go ahead and criticize me, I don’t care. I’m going to live my life, and enjoy the things that make me happy. Especially during this pandemic…