Playing Fortnite


So, I started doing something out of my comfort zone, I started to stream myself playing Fortnite. I was nervous, and I was doubting myself all day before I actually streamed my game play. I normally play roleplaying type games or MMO’s when I play video games. I am really bad at FPS (first person shooter) style games. There are a couple that I like, and Fortnite is slowly winning me over.

Since I built this PC to play video games, I thought that maybe I could do some streaming as well. My buds Senex and Nickology, stream their game play, and there are lots more on the various gaming services like Twitch, YouTube, and now Facebook Gaming that people use to stream their content. I’m going to be using Facebook Gaming for right now, but I will probably cross post to both Twitch and YouTube as well.

My first video is up on Facebook Gaming under Old Gamerz Studio. I am not sure if I can host the video here on my site or not. I have uploaded it, so let’s see if it will let me use it…

Watch an old man play FORTNITE

It’s not the best, and I have to get used to using the streaming software. I’m using Streamlabs OBS, and running it through my Facebook page’s Creator Studio. My bud Senex helped me set it up. Looking back at the replay, I noticed some things tha I can do differently, so I still have some bugs to work out, excuse the dust…