Why masks are important in this time of COVID-19

So just to be clear here, I wear a mask EVERY TIME I leave my apartment to go to a doctor’s appointment and go to the store via Lyft.  I do it for two reasons, one is to protect other people from the possibility of catching germs from me breathing, and two to protect myself from the possibility of catching something from other people.  I can’t take any chances on catching COVID, because I have several risk factors present that if I catch this, it could be very bad for me.

There are people out there who refuse to wear a mask.  They feel that it is impinging on their rights.  Or they believe that the media and health industry is making it up to cause a panic.  This is not the case.  Just look at the number of cases here in the U.S. alone.  That number is growing because people are not doing what needs to be done to protect themselves and others.  Not social distancing, not wearing a mask, puts not only you in danger, but your loved ones as well.  Since there is an incubation period for this virus, you can transmit it to someone and not know it.  For example, you go out and about, no mask, and contract the virus.  You go and visit your family, and suddenly, you have spread it to everyone in your family.  Now some of them may be able to survive, but there is that chance that one of them will die from it.  Do you want to have that on your conscience?  One would hope not.

So, do me and the rest of us a favor, wear a damn mask…