You have to believe the impossible

Believe the impossible

I have started to re-watch the Flash on Netflix again. I’m starting with season 1 and I plan on going all the way to season 6. You may ask why I’m doing that? To be honest, with all the craziness that is COVID-19, our government’s response to this GLOBAL pandemic, the effects of the civil unrest after the murder of George Floyd, and the fact that being stuck at my home is beginning to wear on me, I needed something uplifting to watch.

I enjoy watching the Flash. It makes me happy, sad, and angry all at the same time. How you may ask? I love superheroes. Always have, since I was a little boy in NYC watching his Saturday morning cartoons and seeing shows like Underdog, Mighty Mouse, Batman and Robin, Superman, and later, The Superfriends. I was an avid comic reader at an early age. My mother wanted us to be able to read as soon as we could. She started me reading Agatha Christie novels, which grew my passion for mysteries. But superheroes really drew me in. The bright colors, and the action on every comic page. When they transitioned to television, I was hooked even more. The heroes I read about now were on the small screen. Giving actual voices to the dialog. I was in heaven then, and I want some semblance of that now.

So that’s why I’m re-watching the Flash. To find that little kid inside of me again.